Why is Everyone Moving to Franklin, Tennessee?

Moving to Franklin Tennessee

Franklin, Tennessee is attracting an impressive mix of people from all walks of life, all across the country. Just outside of Nashville, this growing town is alluring to families, celebrities, and tech geniuses alike thanks to the plethora of attractive offerings. The Grove, in particular, is a preferred point of relocation, offering a perfect blend of southern charm and innovation. The pandemic has inspired people to depart from their home-states in search of a new place to call home. Franklin has become the go-to destination for so many, growing the population by about 9% from 2019-2020, and for a reason.

Nearby Locations

For starters, Franklin offers its residents a quick and convenient 30 minute drive from its quaint town into the lively city of Nashville. Nashville is best known for its live music and talented musicians, mouth-watering Nashville hot chicken, and entertainment on almost every corner. There is something for everyone here – foodies, country music fans, and lovers of the outdoors – and all are welcomed with open arms.

Kentucky Lake, another area nearby, is the perfect destination for a fishing trip with the family. Looking for views of the famous mountain ranges? Take a trip just hours away to Gatlinburg and hike, ski, and explore the Blue Ridge Mountains. Back at home, Franklin will offer its residents and guests a unique downtown area, rich with history and local shops and restaurants, as well as a multitude of local events.

Low Tax Rates

Housed in the second lowest tax burden state in the United States, residents of Tennessee aren’t expected to pay income or estate taxes in this charming state. In 2020, Franklin’s home prices were 13.1% below the national average, catching the eye of homeowners around the country. Many families living in northern states, such as New York or New Jersey, were inspired to relocate to Franklin to take advantage of the historically low mortgage rates. Another added bonus is that families with recently retired family members or those who are close to retirement do not pay state taxes on their Social Security, pension, IRA, or 401k income.

Job Outlook

Several Fortune 500 companies call Tennessee home such as Nissan, Ford, Verizon Wireless and FedEx. This opens up opportunities for Franklin residents to obtain a variety of job offerings, all from headquartered locations. Another attractive offering comes in the form of opportunity. Franklin has seen a 30% growth in job rates, accompanied by a desirable pay that reaches well above the national average. While Franklin can be described as a smaller city, the opportunity to commute to Nashville or other neighboring areas in under an hour opens up even more job opportunities to start a life and continue a career.

Educational Opportunities

In the Franklin area alone, there are 81 schools offering private and public education beginning in preschool to high school. In the location of The Grove, students will attend the top-rated schools in Williamson County including College Grove Elementary, Fred Page Middle School, and Brentwood Academy. According to an article written by The Ascent, three of the local high schools are College Success Award winners – an award giving recognition to schools that excel in preparing their students for college in the long term. After years of hard work, students planning to stay in Tennessee have their pick of 19 colleges. Those include University of Tennessee, Belmont University, and the well-renowned Vanderbilt University.

Why The Grove?

To live at the Grove is to experience history, culture, great music, unbeatable southern food, and a thriving economy. With Nashville just a short drive up I-65, and historic downtown Franklin nearby as well, this sought after place feels like coming home. The Grove remains the most remarkable community in the greater Nashville area. It’s clear that The Grove is the best place to live in Tennessee. It’s time to plan your tour today!