2021 Summer Junior Golf

PGA Jr Golf | The Grove

The Grove fielded a PGA Jr. League team this summer which had tremendous success. The team consisted of nine of our junior athletes between the ages of 9 and 13. They competed each week against different clubs in our area, in both Williamson and Rutherford counties. The PGA Jr. League has a unique format with teams playing in a 2-person scramble, versus two other players from the opposing team. Mid-season, The Grove’s PGA Jr. League team was undefeated with a season record of 6-0! This is the first PGA Jr. League season that The Grove competed against teams from Rutherford County, so our juniors played some of these courses for the first time and still made a mark!

Similarly, we have a variety of experience levels on our team this season-some with ample competitive experience and some saw their first full nine holes at our first match. That goes to show that this team has an incredible work ethic, good dynamics with communication and encouragement, and extremely supportive parents! The junior golfers here at theGrove are something to be proud of as they are true examples of striving for excellence on and off the course.Outside of The Grove’s summer PGA Jr. League, several of our junior golfers have been working hard and finding success in other programs and aspects of the game.

The Grove junior golfers mentioned below have combined for over 25 wins this season on the Sneds Tour and Mid-South golf series. We currently have eight junior girls and boys golfers ranked in the top 30 (4 in the top 5) in the state of Tennessee in their respective classes! Brayden Bennett, Walker Eickhoff, Brooke Bennett, Jake Eickhoff, Julian Edwards, Jentry Eickhoff, Stella Edwards, Gaby Diaz, Warner Eickhoff, and Elizabeth Bowman.