Williamson County School District: The Best of the Best

Williamson County School District

The Grove is a family community. We understand the importance a healthy, supportive community has in the growth and maturation of a child, and as parents looking for your forever home, we know how important school districting and rankings can be when searching for the perfect community to raise your children.

Williamson County School District

The Grove can proudly say we are located in an amazing district and are fortunate to have our Grove kids attend Page Schools within the nationally recognized Williamson County School District. According to the Tennessee Department of Education’s 2016 State Report Card, Williamson County Schools has been rated as the premier school district in Tennessee with a graduation rate of 95.5%, a teacher to student ratio of 20:1 and 6 National Blue Ribbon Schools which is why it has been awarded a Great Schools rating of 10 out of 10.

Among the top performing schools in the Williamson County School District are the locally revered Fred Page Middle and High School, along with one of the area’s top 5 elementary schools; College Grove Elementary.

College Grove Elementary

College Grove Elementary is where our youngest residents will begin their academic careers, and not to worry mom, they will be in very capable hands! According to schooldigger.com, College Grove Elementary ranked better than 96.8% of elementary schools in Tennessee in 2015. It also ranked 13th among 24 ranked elementary schools in the Williamson County School District.

Fred Page Middle School

As a parent, you can’t ask for a better Middle School to send your child. Ranked 1st first among the 8 middle schools in the Williamson County School District, Fred Page Middle School currently has an 18:2 Student to Teacher ratio, and according to schooldigger.com ranks 7th out of 494 public middle schools in Tennessee!

Fred Page High School

Fred J Page High School ranking 3rd among 9 ranked high schools in the Williamson County School District has a student/teacher ratio at 16.4, which is the 3rd best among 9 high schools in the Williamson County School, according to schooldigger.com and ranks better than 90.5% of high schools in Tennessee.

Growth in Williamson County

With a list of accomplishments and schools this revered, it comes as no surprise that Williamson County is one of the most sought after areas to raise a family, with more and more families calling the county home each day. Because of this growth, officials are projecting an estimated 10,000 new students in the county which lead Williamson County School officials to implement rezoning initiatives for the 2018-19 school year to alleviate schools that are overcrowded or approaching capacity.

Rezoning? Not for The Grove!

Currently, the rezoning will impact about 2,953 students, which encompasses about 8 percent of the district's student population affecting areas such as Brentwood, Berry Farms Town Center, Thompson Station, Sullivan Farms, and more. While neighborhoods and communities around us will be subject to rezoning, we are very happy to say residents of The Grove can rest assured that they will remain within the coveted Page School district.

With a large population of children in our community, our families are very happy that we will not be rezoned, as they all love the Page schools. Rezoning is a big change, and all of us at The Grove are ecstatic that our children will continue to receive a top-notch education with the teachers, mentors, and friends that have been so impactful in our children’s lives.

Considering making the move to The Grove? Curious to learn more about the schools in our district? Give us a call at (615) 368-3044 and we’ll gladly give you the scoop! After all, it takes a village, right?