Williamson County Schools; A Tradition of Excellence

Williamson County Schools

Education is often touted as the most important investment that a parent can make in their child’s future. A quality education can set the foundations for future success, and no school system in the country is more aware of this than Williamson County Schools. Their creative and innovative approach to education matched by their impeccably high standards have created a school system that is second to none in the state and is consistently recognized as one of the nation’s top-performing school systems. We are proud to say that kids at The Grove enjoy the privilege of attending College Grove Elementary, Page Middle, and Page High School, each a top ranked school in Williamson County.

Williamson County Schools continue to outperform all other school districts in Tennessee by leaps and bounds. Parents across the U.S. have made the decision to relocate to Williamson County, not only for some of the best small towns in America like Franklin and Cool Springs, but also for their nationally recognized school system. According to an article published in The Tennessean, “Schools are the No. 1 things families consider, and nine out of 10 relocations in the area are driven by the school system.” The word is out and Williamson County welcomes more and more families each year, and for good reason; Williamson County Schools have consistently outperformed their regional and national counterparts for the past five years.

WCS has led the pack in virtually every area from graduation rate, to scholarship dollars offered, Composite ACT scores and number of award schools per county.

What’s the key to success?

In Williamson County it is the combination of one of the strongest economies in the country, a highly educated population where 54% of the population has a bachelors degree or higher, a 20:1 teacher to student ratio, plus parents, faculty and staff that are truly invested in their children’s education. WCS sets high standards for students and faculty alike, and it is paying off tenfold, not only does Williamson County lead the state of Tennessee, WCS leads the entire country in ACT scores and was rated as the top performing school district in the United States by schooldigger.com in 2014.

Williamson County Schools are no stranger to recognition, and due to the constant achievement of our students, faculty and staff we are well on our way to creating a tradition of excellence that is unrivaled throughout the country.