Golf at The Grove: The Trackman

What Is Trackman and How does it work?

The Trackman is a radar unit that tracks the trajectory of your golf ball from launch to landing. The ability to measure the full ball flight is essential to produce the highest quality data. The Golf Radar can pick up valuable information about your club head throughout the swing, giving a precise picture of the club in all positions, including impact. With this knowledge, you can easily determine how your club face or swing path needs to be manipulated. The technology used is called Doppler radar, and has been used in military applications to track missiles and projectiles since the 1960s.


How to use the Trackman to improve your game

The Trackman technology provides you with the most accurate feedback in the industry. The Trackman numbers are divided into two main categories; ball flight data and club data. Here are some of the numbers it gives you: Launch Angle-Attack Angle-Spin Rate-Club Path Carry Distance-Total Distance-Club SpeedBall Speed-Face Angle A Trackman Professional (Me, Jude) has the proper knowledge of taking collected data from the trackman and applying that to a game plan to optimize the students swing and abilities. This is essential to understand and improve your golf swing. Regardless of level, all golfers can benefit from using Trackman as a part of their training. Working on your golf swing and resulting ball flight through your Trackman numbers and Trackman Professional, allows problem areas to be discussed, and identified, resulting in fast improvement.


Your Trackman Professional can also provide you with an in depth video analysis where actual club and ball flight data are merged with your swing in real time. The combination of video and Trackman data make it possible to see key element of your swing during impact that normally would be invisible through traditional video techniques.

Watch The Trackman in Action: