Updates From The Jaeckle Centre

If you have been to the Jaeckle Centre recently, you will notice we are making changes. For the past five years, we have been the Official Equestrian Centre for The Grove, but we had also become a place for non-Grove members to learn to ride and board horses. With the slow down driven by COVID, we were able to do a comprehensive review of our business and made the decision to refocus our services. Going forward, we have decided we will only offer boarding and training for professionals (who show their horses), Equine Performax clients (who use our vet and therapy services) or Grove Members. 

We have a new trainer, Emma Harton, who we hired specifically to support Grove members. She will be developing fitness and performance development tracks for Grove Members who are interested in developing their riding, and specifically trail riding, skills. Our goal is to also have an advanced program for Grove Members who want to participate in an annual trail riding adventure trip, which will be announced in the second half of the year (after COVID has been controlled). We will continue to provide horse trail riding experiences for those Grove Members who want to try riding.

Things we are currently doing to renovate the facility:

  • New footing in the indoor and the upper outdoor arenas (done).
  • Grading and re-seeding of all horse turnout paddocks (in progress).
  • Designing and building three trail riding courses for beginner, intermediate and expert riders.
  • One outdoor arena will be specifically dedicated to trail riding and include special aids for skill development.

New Staff Members:

  • New receptionist (Fern Aron) who is scheduling rides and supporting clients.
  • New Barn Manager (Evie Jaeckle) and Asst Barn Manager (Ashley Glennon) who are responsible for the care and quality of the facility, the horses and the clients.
  • New trainer (Emma Harton), who is responsible for training Grove Members. 

What We Offer Grove Members:

For Members Looking for a New Way to Exercise: 

Many people find traditional exercise boring. Horseback riding is an enjoyable hobby and sport with many health benefits for adults and children alike. Riding strengthens muscles, increases joint mobility and boosts the cardiovascular system in a non-boring way that gets you outside in nature, in the arena or on a trail. If you are interested in a new fun way to exercise, contact us to join a Grove class.

For Members Who Want to Learn More About Riding: 

To the casual observer it may look like all a rider has to do is just sit there while the horse does all the work. When you talk to anyone who rides, you will know that is wrong. There is far more to riding than anyone might expect. The benefits of riding are immense enjoyment, physical and mental fitness and the chance to get outdoors with friends to enjoy the beautiful area we live in. Contact us if you want to learn more.

For Members Who Already Love to Ride and Want to Go on a Horseback Riding Adventure: 

The safety and enjoyment of riding vacations requires preparation. Before you can experience the victorious feeling that comes from being able to confidently traverse down the Grand Canyon or take a beach gallop on the Willamette Coast in Oregon, you will want to complete a trail class to master the skills you’ll need to maximize your fun. We’re creating a program exclusively for Grove Members and their guests. Let us know if you are interested. We are hoping to schedule a trip in 2021.

Limited Services Offered:

 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently only working with clients and Grove members at this time. We are hoping by early Fall we could open back up to Grove member guests. 

Contact Us

To contact us to schedule a session or get more information please call or text: Fern Aron, Customer Service Manager, 855.523.2553