Spa Series – The Promise of Something Good

In my last post I left you hanging at my arrival and check-in.

After I was greeted by a super-friendly spa attendant and shown to the changing room, I donned the most sumptuous robe I have ever had the pleasure of wearing, then entered a private elevator which whisked me to the spa  greeting room. This set the tone for what promised to be a special experience, indeed! Stepping off the elevator, I was escorted into a beautiful lounge complete with fireplace, custom paintings that embodied a serene mindset. It might be helpful to give a word of caution at this point. Don’t let the appearance of the high-end furnishings in the room fool you. The couches are so comfortable you sink into them. This could have easily evolved into a wonderful power-nap, what with the tranquil music and hint of fragrant oils in the air—stay strong, resist the temptation. However, don’t resist when offered a beverage! As my appointment was early in the day, I passed on the wine and opted for a chilled glass of water infused with citrus and herbs. Mmmmm, delicious and refreshing!

Now came the most stressful part of my entire visit. Having given up on my local spas, it had been so long since my last spa treatment I didn’t know what to choose on the spa menu. I was pretty sure I couldn’t get them all—even though that was exactly what I needed! After a brief consultation, I left it up to my therapist to create a custom treatment just for me. It proved to be a wonderful, and extremely rewarding decision.

Stay tuned for my next blog where I’ll share my treatment experience, product review and what’s on the horizon for the spa industry.