Private Schools Near The Grove

Students in Franklin and Brentwood are exposed to some of the highest-quality, private education in the country. From Montessori to Religion-based to Traditional, students of The Grove have access to private schools specializing in smaller class sizes, more individual attention, and a better understanding of how each student prefers to learn. Take a look at some of these top-rated private schools near The Grove’s community.


  • Montessori Academy
    • From the beginning of your child’s academic journey to the end, Montessori Academy offers students an education that inspires lifelong learning. Located in Brentwood, Tennessee, Montessori Academy has received accreditation from the American Montessori Society, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the International Montessori Council. Students are exposed to the best teaching techniques from an array of expertly trained staff members with a strong sense of belonging in a safe and protected community. Montessori Academy offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities, including after-school academic clubs, athletics, and participation in the fine arts.
  • Montessori School of Franklin
    • After a short 8 minute drive outside The Grove, students will arrive at the Montessori School of Franklin. Montessori School of Franklin is affiliated with the American Montessori Society (AMS) and is classified as a Category 1 School by the Tennessee Department of Education. This school will become a second home to children as they participate in an exciting curriculum created to expose children to a love for learning. Students will not only learn core subjects such as history, geography, and mathematics, but also subjects that develop their interests such as Art, Cooking, and STEM. The mission is to teach students how to become problem solvers and create positive communication skills they can carry throughout their academic journey.
  • Harpeth Montessori
    • A clear mission defines purpose, focus, drive, and satisfaction. Our values help guide our everyday actions so that we can achieve our mission. We believe that in order to build our thriving Montessori community, it is essential for these values to be upheld by our staff, students, and families. There is no greater gift we can give children than an environment that promotes curiosity. The Montessori method is perfectly designed to tap into children’s natural desire to understand how things work. The resulting growth mindset allows one to see possibility rather than limitation. Located in Franklin, Tennessee.


  • Brentwood Academy
    • Brentwood Academy is a co-educational Christian independent college preparatory school supporting children grades 6-12. The curriculum prepares your child for a world of learning with topics such as Christian Life, English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, and more, helping students prepare for their future journeys. With a 99% college acceptance rate, 22 AP classes offered, 10:1 student to teacher ratio, and 68% of faculty with post-baccalaureate degrees, students will receive increased engagement and attention. Students are also passionate about extracurricular activities such as chorus, dance, team and individual sports, community service, and much more.
  • Franklin Christian Academy
    • Franklin Christian Academy is the only accredited Christian middle school and high school in Franklin, TN, serving students from 5th to 12th grade. With the combination of challenging academics, a life-giving community, and transformational discipleship, Franklin Christian Academy provides students and families a Christian worldview curriculum and servant leadership training alongside a caring community of faculty, students, and staff. Through co-curricular activities such as athletic events, fine arts, and spiritual life retreats, students create strong relationships built on love and service in and outside of the FCA community.
  • Franklin Classical School
    • Located 20 minutes outside The Grove, Franklin Classical School provides a biblically-based education to support the academic and spiritual needs of the students and community. Serving around 100 students in grades K-12, Franklin Classical School offers a classical Christian education, grammar school, lower division, and upper-division creating a well-rounded academic and spiritual journey through education. Student life is enhanced through extracurricular opportunities that support students’ health and fitness, along with furthering the opportunity to build a Biblical worldview.
  • Generations Christian Academy
    • Located in downtown Franklin, TN, Generations Christian Academy serves students from PreK-8th grade. This private Christian school is an approved Christian school in Tennessee and a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Students develop a strong foundation in the core academic curriculum, including reading, critical thinking, and more in a modern classroom setting. Generations Christian is also a part of the Tennessee State Independent Athletic Association, with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities such as basketball, cross country, and chess.
  • Grace Christian Academy
    • Grace Christian Academy offers an elementary, intermediate, middle, and high school for students to build and grow academically and socially each year. They pride themselves on their academic excellence and distinction upon Christian values with a commitment to excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a challenging academic program and a broad range of extra-curricular and athletic programs while practicing in a biblically saturated, Christ-glorifying environment. 
  • New Hope Academy
    • New Hope Academy is a private, coeducational, Christ-centered school that establishes a biblical worldview and prepares each child to flourish academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Through an integrated and challenging curriculum, students will allow themselves to discover their potential and delight in learning. The New Hope Academy community is rich in cultural, racial, and economic diversity serving around 200 students a year. Students will immerse themselves in the humanities, arts, foreign languages, and music to broaden their horizons on what learning truly is. 
  • Saint Matthew Catholic School
    • Saint Matthew Catholic School takes pride in educating the whole student in seeking knowledge, modeling Christ, and serving others. With their current enrollment of 420 students, Saint Matthew’s has created a family whether students have been on their journey from the beginning or are new to the organization. They have received many accolades, such as the 2017 National Blue Ribbon School and an Apple Distinguished School for continuing innovation in learning, teaching, and the school environment. Students will be exposed to a hands-on learning experience to grow academically and physically as well as socially and spiritually through core curriculum classes and student life.
  • The Classical Academy of Franklin
    • The Classical Academy of Franklin is a distinctly Christian and Classical school equipping students to become lifelong learners in the kingdom of God. The curriculum focuses on Trivium, classical language studies, formal logic, and the arts and humanities and is taught by professionals diligent in their work, gifted in teaching, passionate about their students and their subjects. The school is broken into BLOOM PreK, the Lower School, and The Upper School, each focusing on providing the foundation for learning and growing as individuals and students.


  • Battle Ground Academy
    • If you’re looking for an independent school in the area, The Grove is located just over 20 minutes from Battle Ground Academy. Two campuses are breaking up the 880 students by age group, Harpeth Campus from K-4th and Glen Echo Campus for 5th-12th. This school focuses on high academic standards, small classes, excellent teachers, and inclusiveness. In addition to the superb academics, Battle Ground Academy prides itself in its 75+ extracurricular activities offered such as varsity sports, middle school sports, the Explore Program, speech and debate team, chorus, band, and much more.
  • Thales Academy
    • To form individuals of integrity, Thales Academy is designed to develop students pre-K to fifth grade through rigorous academics, character formation, technical and non-cognitive skills, and a wide range of extracurricular activities. The curriculum prepares students for life while embracing a variety of cultures to influence and shape each student. Students will feel thoroughly prepared for the upper grades after experiencing an academic curriculum designed to encourage students to achieve excellence. 
  • Webb
    • Webb is a distinguished day and boarding school catering to grades 6-12 students. Our institution boasts several standout programs that contribute to our unique educational environment. These include the Honor Code, which fosters integrity and responsibility, our renowned Emerging Voices program that hones public speaking skills, the adventurous WILD outdoors program, specialized Learning Services, and a commitment to global diversity. Webb proudly welcomes students from 20 countries and 11 states, creating an unparalleled tapestry of diversity and cultural richness within our community. We are the longest continually running boarding school in the southeast.


  • Foundations Christian Academy
    • Foundations Christian Academy is a two-day-per-week homeschool tutorial, providing academic resources for K-6th grade. The mission and values support and enhance the homeschool experience in a Christ-centered, interdenominational environment. Core subject areas, such as Language Arts, Science, History, Latin, and Art, are offered and taught to prepare students for lives of integrity, learning, and service to their communities. Students will also participate in the development of Christian character, worship, and opportunities for social growth.
  • Galileo Preparatory Academy
    • Students grade sixth through twelfth have the opportunity to attend the Galileo Preparatory Academy, which offers a tech-forward curriculum over an elastic 12-month calendar with optional in-person and virtual-format learning. The curriculum is designed around four pillars – core, focus, dialogues, and community. The pillars cover studies branching from English to graphic design to problem-solving, and much more. Students at The Grove have a 20-minute commute to the facility or have the option for virtual instruction giving the freedom to set schedules for daily learning that works best for each student.
  • Ironwood Academy
    • This unique hybrid education experience of Ironwood Academy offers parents more control over their children’s educational experiences from grades K-12. Taught by State-certified and engaging teachers, the curriculum at Ironwood offers an affordable private school with the flexibility of a homeschool schedule, along with college-preparatory courses taught in a Christian environment. Students will participate in a first-of-its-kind emotional intelligence (EQ) curriculum taught to all students in grades K-12.
  • Haven Academy
    • Haven Academy is a unique schooling experience that combines the flexibility of a homeschool schedule and a private school setting. At Haven our mission is to nurture the whole child– socially, emotionally, and academically. We currently serve grades K-7th, and we have been adding a new grade level each year. We have a maximum of 14 students in a class, and we customize curriculum to meet the needs of each individual. Our teachers are licensed, experienced, and qualified professionals who are dedicated to making the classroom fun. We operate Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am-1:00 pm with optional Fridays. Haven Academy also offers various extracurricular activities from 1:00 pm-3:00 pm daily. At Haven we are more than just a classroom, we are truly a family. 

For Students with Learning Differences

  • Currey Ingram Academy
    • Running as an exemplary K-12 day and boarding school, Currey Ingram Academy settles for nothing less than being a global leader for students with learning differences such as ADHD, dyslexia, language disorders, mild autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and more. The curriculum takes an individualized, structured, and multisensory approach to instruction to meet the needs of each student. They promote learning through evidence-based practices, individualized learning plans, small classes, social-emotional learning, self-regulated strategy development, writing interventions, and executive function training. Students will also enjoy a unique list of extracurricular activities such as forensics and student council. 

Interested in learning more?

No matter the decision, the private schools residing in and around Franklin, TN are guaranteed to deliver top-quality education and extracurriculars to students of all ages. From academics to athletics, these schools offer an education that can propel your child towards a successful future. Call (615) 368-3044 to schedule your private tour, or request more information about this premier private club community.