Growth in Middle Tennessee

Middle Tennessee is growing by roughly 100 people per day; by the year 2040, the area is projected to have almost 3 million residents. This is all thanks to the region’s variety of industries, thriving economy, and acclaimed school system. Middle Tennessee has stellar business conditions and classic Southern charm, making it the perfect place to work, live, and play!

Industries & Business

The spectrum of business and industry in Middle Tennessee is strong and diversified, creating an overall balanced and stable economy. According to Forbes, Nashville, the heart of Middle Tennessee, is ranked as #12 on the list of “Best Places for Business and Careers”. Some of the larger industries in the area include Health Care, 10% of the economy, Tourism & Hospitality, 11% of the economy, and Technology, 22% of the economy, according to the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce.

Many large corporations are located in the Middle Tennessee area. The top three largest employers in the region are the Vanderbilt University System, with 26400 employees, HCA Healthcare Inc., with 10380 employees, and Nissan North America, with 10100 employees. Nine of the companies with offices in the regions are on the Fortune 500 list, including Dell,, and Tractor Supply Co. The unemployment rating has consistently followed a downward trend; the Williamson County unemployment rate currently sits at a low 2.1%, below the United States unemployment rate of 4.1% and the Tennessee unemployment rate of 3%.


The Williamson County School District has been recognized as the premier school district Tennessee, according to the Tennessee Department of Education’s State Report Card. Children who live at The Grove attend the Page Schools within the district. Of its many impressive statistics, some of the most notable are the graduation rate of 95.5%, a teacher-to-student ratio of 20:1, and 6 National Blue Ribbon Schools. These accomplishments, and many more, resulted in Williamson County School District earning a 10 out of 10 rating from Great Schools.

Lifestyle & Entertainment

Rich in history and bursting with musical talent, Middle Tennessee is the cultural focal point of the state, and Nashville is just a 20-minute drive away from The Grove. The music scene is one of the largest draws of the area, plus there are plenty of local bars and restaurants, which make for the perfect spot to watch the music stars of tomorrow while enjoying some delicious Southern-style cooking. Middle Tennessee truly is the premier location for music lovers!

Come to Middle Tennessee

The Grove is fortunate to have such prosperous and unique surroundings. It’s no surprise that our area is attracting over 100 people to our area every day. The economy is strong and still growing, the educational system is award-winning, and the culture and lifestyle of the area are second to none. It’s time to discover Middle Tennessee for yourself. Explore our listings, HERE