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Headed by Tommy & Renee Atkins, Atkins & Associates Homebuilders believe a home makes a unique statement about the family who lives there. “The more we allow people to express themselves, the more likely they are to turn the houses we build into homes. Décor and aesthetics is how our customers find their expression and we build it into their home. Years of experience, using quality materials and knowing how to best use those materials are how we express ourselves.”

Atkins & Associates Homebuilders have successfully built many homes in various parts of Williamson County, ranging in price up to $2 million dollars. They firmly believe quality begins with the team that builds the client’s home from ground up. With exceptional communication and the proper systems they have in place, they can make anyone’s dream home a reality.

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Unmatched Value, Architectural Distinction, Honesty & Integrity, Passion for Quality, Proven Customer Service: these are the foundations upon which Ford Custom Classic Homes has established itself as the leader in custom homebuilding in Williamson County. Renowned for providing superior quality and value to every homebuyer, the company is committed to excellence in every detail of the homebuilding experience, from conception through completion.

Teamwork and communication is paramount within the company’s customer service philosophy. At Ford Custom Classic Homes, a network of seasoned professionals actively assists the homeowner through each stage of the building process. Whether you dream of a grand southern-style home, or one flavored with classic European architecture, Mike Ford and the professionals of Ford Custom Classic Homes can build a luxury home that you and your family will be proud of for a lifetime.

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Hatcliff Construction is a family-owned and operated construction company that has been building fine custom homes in Middle Tennessee for over 28 years. Patrick and Mary Hatcliff are a husband and wife team who will watch over and guide you through every detail of your construction process. They will personally partner with you to build the home of your dreams. Their attention to detail is unparalleled and their desire for perfection is what makes a Hatclliff Construction home a work of art. Patrick is who you will see on your job site every day, no foreman or intermediary superintendents are ever a part of a Hatcliff Construction home.

For the seventh year, Hatcliff Construction has been named a member of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program. This honor is only bestowed upon 100 of the South's finest Home Builders. SOUTHERN LIVING carefully selects custom home builders that transcend the pages of the magazine into a dream home. Hatcliff Construction was chosen for their extensive experience and knowledge, reputation in the marketplace, and focus on the discriminating customer who is looking to build a custom home.

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Hidden Valley Homes offers one of the most comprehensive custom building programs available in Middle Tennessee. With more than 30 years of experience, it is their goal to make every home unique to the home buyer and personalized to fit a family’s lifestyle.

Your home is fully customizable, from size to features. To meet your requirements, Hidden Valley Homes provides strong and beautiful materials, proven brand-name fixtures and appliances, professional workmanship and a family tradition of quality – giving your new home lasting value. Each step of the way, creating the home that meets your needs while turning your dreams into reality.

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Legend Homes offers timeless architectural designs, a keen eye for details and an appreciation for keeping on schedule. They continually stay abreast of market trends and monitor the lifestyle needs of discriminating homebuyers in order to create homes with innovative designs and innovative technology, offering the best products at the best price with the practicality that today’s homeowners demand.

Recognizing that every client has an individual lifestyle, Legend Homes incorporates an element of distinction into every project – capturing the client’s tastes with the most exclusive home styles. The end result is an elegant, yet comfortable home that is reflective of our client’s lifestyle – a home that was built to enhance their life experiences.

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Rork Thomas has been building custom homes since 1991, developing an acute eye for detail and a keen awareness of what his clients really want most in a home. Known for his ability to make the best possible use of floor space, Thomas concentrates on building classic homes that are customized to suit the unique lifestyles of his clients. By listening to his clients’ wants and needs, and then responding with a tailored plan of action, with the end result being a home of outstanding design, superior quality, functional beauty with solid value.

By designing homes that are rich in character and timeless appeal, while incorporating the most desired modern conveniences, this accomplished builder has gained numerous awards for excellence. His homes have been recognized with “Best of Show” awards in the Nashville-area Parade of Homes events. Nevertheless, Thomas Construction never builds simply for dramatic effect; Thomas Construction constantly keeps in mind that we are building homes for individuals.

By creating homes of quality and value, homes that consistently remain excellent real estate investments; Thomas Construction strives to give their clients the most home for their money. Thomas Construction designs and constructs timeless homes with unique appeal. Each home is designed so that it appears to be set within the property’s landscape, maintaining the natural flow of the land without sacrificing functionality.

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Shane McFarland Construction, headed by Shane McFarland, is a full-service builder in Middle Tennessee. Specializing in both residential and commercial construction, Shane has put together a highly skilled team with over 100 years combined experience that demands excellence - from conception, to building, to follow-through. Shane McFarland Construction has quickly built a reputation for exceeding client expectations by offering excellent workmanship and impeccable customer service in each phase of the building process.

A unique builder with an enhanced skill set, Shane McFarland not only brings wealth of knowledge of progressive construction techniques, he also brings financial background that includes an accounting degree to ensure your project stays on budget. Most importantly, it is Shane’s honesty and integrity that clients appreciate most.

Shane McFarland Construction is proud to be a member of the Master Custom Builders Council of Tennessee, an elite group of custom home builders in the state who share a deep passion for their craft, providing clients superb custom and residential construction.

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At the heart of Southern Elite Custom Homes is an understanding that it is really all about family. Every dream home begins with the dedication to building a home as though we are building it for our family. We have the insight and flexibility to deliver exactly what you want. 

When creating your dream home, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and strive to incorporate your personality into each room.  While combining the latest trends with timeless details, our design team builds spaces that inspire a lifetime of memories.  We involve you in the process from the moment you share your dreams to the day you move in. 

We take pride in keeping our promises and helping each family build a dream home that reflects your style and personality around every corner.  A home you can enjoy, for generations to come.

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Stonegate Homes President Paul Huff, a native of Nashville and proud Williamson County resident, has spent his entire professional career learning and honing the skills of building quality handcrafted homes. With more than 20 years of experience in every facet of the homebuilding industry, Paul’s expertise makes him one of only a handful of builders in Middle Tennessee who are truly able to deliver exceptional value and exceptional craftsmanship to their customers.

Utilizing the finest blend of timeless architecture, meticulous craftsmanship, and quality materials, along with a relentless pursuit of delivering projects on time, on budget and beyond expectations, Paul’s reputation for doing more than providing lip service to customer service precedes him. As a hands-on builder, Paul prides himself in being on-site and on-call to guarantee that his clients will not only be getting a home of great value, but that they will have the opportunity to enjoy the homebuilding experience along the way.

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Trace Construction, led by Lindsay Butler, is a refreshing change for those looking for a personal experience in the custom home building process. Since 2003, the team at Trace has built an impeccable reputation in the Williamson County area and takes great pride in the exceptional quality and attention to detail that is poured into each and every luxury home that Trace Construction builds.

Trace Construction and their team truly understand what is involved in creating a spectacular custom home. They will take your dream home concept and bring it to life with the creativity of their in-house draftsman and architectural design specialist. Follow that with the remarkable talent of a dedicated in-house interior decorator, who will guide you every step of the way to transform your dream to reality. Delivering equally superior levels of quality and creativity, Trace stands by its dedication to personal interaction with each client, providing a home buying experience that is unparalleled.