Good Deeds By Members: Dog With a Heart

good deeds

The last weekend of February in The Grove brought a stray dog to one of the neighborhoods. Fate smiled on him because he wandered into the world of Christine Scripa and her friends.

They took pictures, sent e-mails and posted on Facebook. Christine and Sandy Allison were on a mission. Christine dubbed him Rover and he became known as the dog with the heart on his forehead. A birthmark the ladies hoped would help find his home.

They went door to door in and out of the neighborhood, checked missing pet reports and Christine even took him to a vet to see if he was microchipped. With no success, they tried to make the dog comfortable for the night. Fencing him in caused panic on his part; Rover preferred a porch with a bed, food, and water.

The next day was devoted to finding Rover’s home but also finding a potential foster to keep him safe. The sweet stray continued to collect hearts while his rescuers toiled, but after a few days, Rover did go to Williamson County Animal Center for appraisal and possible adoption.

Happily, Rover was adopted quickly by The Grove’s own Diaz family. Rover had a new home, three kids, and another dog to play with and a new name, Duke. A happy ending, right?

But wait, there is more. Sandy Allison had put an ad on Craig’s list to find the owners.

The “Dog with a Heart” was from Murfreesboro and missing since February 13th. His family never dreamed he could have wandered as far as College Grove but when they finally checked Craig’s list, there he was. On the evening of March 14th, ‘Pickles” aka Rover, Duke, was reunited with his family.

Kudos to Christine Scripa, Sandy Allison, Ruth Padilla, the Diaz Family and all the neighbors who worked so hard to make a happy ending. It is an amazing example of doing the right thing. Here’s to happy memories of the “Dog with the heart on his forehead”.