Tennessee Whiskey, Unlike Any Other

Two of the most iconic whiskey distilleries in the world, Jack Daniels and George Dickel are crafted one hour from the Grove. We Tennesseans are fiercely loyal to our whiskey and will quickly remind you that not all whiskeys are created equal.

Here is what makes Tennessee Whiskey stand apart:

  1. All Tennessee Whiskey is from Tennessee, but not all whiskey from Tennessee qualifies as Tennessee Whiskey. It must be aged to be considered Tennessee Whiskey otherwise it is labeled as Corn Whiskey.
  1. Jack Daniel’s distillery is located in Moore County, in the city of Lynchburg, Tennessee. Moore County is a dry county meaning that it allows no alcohol sales at all. This law was set in place in 1910 and was never repealed by the citizens of Lynchburg. (Interesting, right?)
  1. Jack Daniel’s current Master Distiller is named Jeff Arnett and is only the seventh one in 146 years. (Talk about job security!)
  1. George Dickel is the only Tennessee whisky to chill the whisky before it goes into the charcoal vats to be mellowed
  2. Jack Daniel’s and George Dickel go through a unique filtering stage where the whiskey is filtered through a layer of maple charcoal before it is put into new charred oak barrels for aging.

So the next time you order a whiskey from our Manor House bar or go to pick up a bottle, remember that anyone can make whiskey but only a select few can call themselves Tennessee Whiskey.


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