Seminar Series: Outdoor Living Trends

a outdoor living space at The Grove

Every parent dreams of having an expansive backyard, full of swings, playhouses, and of course plenty of room for the kids to run around—all while you sit back, and relax from the comfort of your porch. So it comes as no surprise that outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more important in the construction of today’s homes.

We spoke recently with Mitchell Barnett about some of the outdoor living trends that he has witnessed throughout his career, and his thoughts on bringing the conveniences of the inside, to the outdoors.

The Kitchen is the center of the majority of outdoor living spaces. Mitchell notes that outdoor kitchens are getting more expansive, there is no longer just a mere grill outside,now it is common for sinks, refrigerators, wine coolers, hot plates, and more to be requested in an outdoor living space. He adds that outdoor kitchens that are up to par or exceeding the standards of an indoor kitchen are becoming more and more common. “It helps bring you from living in 4000 sq. ft. to 40,000 sq. ft. now that you have the whole outdoors to enjoy.” Barnett explained.

The Fireplace is another essential aspect of outdoor living that is on the rise. Whether it be a fireplace, a firepit, or some other heating alternative, Mitchell spoke upon this growing trend. He said that in many areas of the country, especially our area around Nashville, some parts of winter tend to be milder and having a source of warmth outside transforms the space and makes it usable during the colder months. “Having an outdoor fireplace adds flexibility and longevity,” says Barnett, “it makes the space go from being used 6-7 months out of the year to about 10-11 months out of the year.”

Mitchell spoke about how thoughtful design is important when creating your outdoor living space. You are creating an extension of your home, treat it as though you are bringing a room of your house outdoors. With thoughtful design, you can bring new life to your yard—turning the outdoors into an outdoor living space.