Saddle up!

The Grove Equestrian

The benefits of our partnership with The Jaeckle Center, in addition to our much-loved community horses Spotta, Kaiser, Dagger, and Ricky, are exclusive Member-only programs and activities.

Did you know?
1. The Jaeckle Centre has a dedicated Member-only trainer
2. Training programs are only available to Grove Members
3. Grove Members have unlimited, free trail rides. Taking advantage of the free trail rides is a great first step in discovering more about the majestic nature of horses, experiencing the exhilaration and adventure of traversing through the wilderness, and reaping added benefits of confidence, trust, and focus. Trail rides are available on The Jaeckle Centre property, lasting 30 minutes up to an hour. For the more experienced rider, there are over 5 miles of trails to explore.

Children must be seven years of age to go on a trail ride. For younger ages, pony rides are available. Trail rides are for immediate Grove family members only.

Overview of Jaeckle Centre offerings for Grove Members: Training Programs for Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Riding Levels

Beginner Training: 7 Week
12 people per session for 2 hours per week.

Learn the basics and interact with horses as you have never experienced before! During this seven-week beginner training program, you will learn how to do all the basics with your horse, how to interact with your horse, groom, equip, and ride through basic obstacles on horseback. This program will give you the tools to learn your way around a horse, on the ground and in the saddle. Become comfortable and confident in your horsemanship and riding abilities!

Intermediate Training: 7 Week
6 people per session for 2 hours per week.

Prerequisite: Beginner Training Program

Now that you know the basics let’s get more confident in the saddle! Add the more complex aspects to your riding skills, ride through wooded trails, maneuver through obstacles, and test your riding abilities. You will be a trail riding pro at the end of the seven weeks. You will know how to maneuver through, over, and around obstacles, ride up and down hills, and feel confident working with your horse. Let’s saddle up!

In addition to group training, private lessons are also available.