Grove Rewards Program Members Join 2018 Tour

The final stage of the Tour’s Qualifying Tournament came to a close on Sunday, December 10th and two members of The Grove Rewards Program, Kent Bulle, and Grant Leaver found themselves in the top 45 after the final round. Their finish secured them both a spot on the 2018 Tour, which is one step closer to the ultimate goal of securing PGA Tour membership.

Bulle, who finished in the top ten will be guaranteed entry into the first 12 events of the 2018 regular season, and Leaver is guaranteed entry in the first 8 events after his finish in the top 45.

This is not the first run in with success for either of these young golfers, as Bulle is a two-time Argentinean Open Champion and Leaver was crowned the Tennessee State Open Champion in 2010.

However, qualifying for the Tour means playing your way through the infamous Q-School. Take it from Kent, this is no easy task, this was his 7th attempt to make the cut at Q-School,

“The biggest thing about Q-School, especially in the final stage is that you’re playing for your whole career. Those four rounds potentially determine what you do for the next year and perhaps for your entire career,” explains Bulle.

Grant Leaver felt the pressure of Q-School as well after not getting off to the start he wanted, shooting 2 over in the first round. Leaver shot a very impressive 63 in the last round to finish 9 under par.

The Grove is very proud to have these young players as part of The Grove’s golf family, through The Grove Rewards Program. “We take great pride in their achievements and support them through their losses. It’s a long-term relationship,” says Grove Partner Mark Enderle

About The Grove Rewards Program

The Grove Rewards Program is an invitation-only group of aspiring golfers who have been identified based on research, relationships with college coaches, player talent and academic performance.

The Grove offers this select group of young golfers a home course where they can hone their skills and support one another on their way toward national ranking.

When asked how it feels to see other members of The Grove Rewards Program succeeding, Bulle revealed that, “…it gives you a little extra motivation when you see them doing so well; the confidence to know that you can accomplish the same thing.”

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