The General Store at The Grove

The General Store at The Grove represents The Grove’s affinity and passion for supporting local farmers, businesses, artists, and craftsmen.

At The General Store, you will find an eclectic mix of artisan products that use simple, natural ingredients containing no unnecessary chemicals or preservatives.
Each product is hand-selected by Kris Phifer, store manager, after being thoroughly researched and tested for quality, purity, integrity and sustainability.

The General Store features a monthly Meet & Greet to introduce people to these special individuals who take the time and dedication to create products and art that makes a difference. In December, Holly Shelton, Kápia Méra Soap Company representative was on-hand to demonstrate their organic soap making techniques, and introduce a new Valentine soap, as well as a new fragrance in our exclusive line of bath bombs. The staff of The Rosemary Spa used their all-natural products to provide relaxing hand massages to guests.