Famous Nashville Attraction: The Bluebird Café

Minutes from our gates is the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville, a listening room that has been recognized worldwide as one of the best venues to listen to songwriters perform their songs. Chart-topping artists have recorded these songs, but now you can listen to the “heroes behind the hits” who wrote the songs, play them live. Seeing multiple songwriters on the stage at one time harmonizing together and taking turns playing beautifully crafted songs is an experience that you will never forget. Many music stars have walked through these doors and played on the stage, and this café has even been on primetime television in the hit ABC drama series ‘Nashville’. Veteran and emerging songwriters alike play “In the round” and hone their craft in this intimate and enchanting atmosphere; this venue is rich in music history and guarantees an evening of moving music.

Be sure to reserve your tickets because as you can expect from such a famous venue, this place gets packed. There are 90 seats available, and only 25 of them are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.