Backswing Tips To Set You Up for Success

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How to Start Your Takeaway

The motion you want off the ball is a pushing back movement by the left hand. This creates a straight start to the swing and wide extension. It also gets the left shoulder turning back so the upper body starts to coil against a stable lower body.

The left hand is a good focal point because the hands are the only parts of the body on the club. In fact, think of the back of the left hand as the club face: If the hand stays steady, so does the face. A square face going back boosts your chances of getting back to impact square, which is the goal.

Here is a drill to help:

1. Place your right hand under your left hand with your palm facing the target.
2. Now use the back of your right hand to push the club back. Let the club stay very square when you take it away.
3. To check that the face is square place an alignment rod in the ground behind you on the target line that matches the angle of your spine at address.
4. From here you can keep the same structure in your arms and allow the club to hinge as you turn back to the target.
5. Now on the downswing stay lead side dominant and start the downswing with your lead hand as you rotate and get back to the ball!

Give this a shot to see immediate results!