Agape Animal Rescue Rehomes Hurricane Harvey Dogs


In the wake of Hurricane Harvey touching down in Houston, local organization and recipient of numerous Grove fundraisers, Agape Animal Rescue organized and executed an effort to assist animal shelters in the Houston area that were anxiously attempting to rehome dogs displaced by the ensuing hurricane.

On September 2nd, Agape founder Tanya Willis announced via the Agape Animal Rescue Facebook page that Agape would be sending a team of volunteers to assist with the rehoming efforts. Over the span of 3 days, and 1800 miles, Agape Animal Rescue was able to rehome 20 Hurricane Harvey rescues.

“My heart sank more and more with every rescue video I watched online during the hurricane relief efforts,” said Tanya Willis. “After talking to a few team members, I quickly realized that everyone felt the same as I did. We couldn’t simply watch and do nothing. We had to help those dogs.”

Support Agape Animal Rescue

Efforts like these would not be possible without the help of so many in our local community. The Grove has a long-standing tradition of giving back to our community through fundraisers like our upcoming Grover Concert and Golf Tournament, which supports Agape Animal Rescue along with other local charities.

Agape Animal Rescue currently has foster homes for the 20 dogs rescued from the aftermath of Harvey, but Agape’s work is far from over. An estimated $4,000 in donations is needed to continue their efforts; we urge you to donate if you are able.

The Grover Supports Agape Animal Rescue

For those who are interested in contributing to fundraising efforts should consider joining us for our Grover Charity Golf Event, Concert, and Dinner on September 24th and 25th. The proceeds from this two-day event will go toward supporting Agape Animal Rescue as well as other local charities, The First Tee of Middle Tennessee and Williamson County Animal Center. For more information on this event, click HERE.

“The Grove takes a lot of pride in our community, and we are committed to making a difference with our various charitable efforts, said Mark Enderle, Developer of The Grove. “Over the last five years, we have donated more than $330,000 to local nonprofit organizations, with more than $75,000 going to local organizations this past year alone. We look forward to the opportunity to raise even more for our community, and continue to make Middle Tennessee a better place for everyone.”


For more information on Agape Animal Rescue, please click HERE