Resident Spotlight: Susan J. Part 1

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Here at The Grove, we sure are proud of our community and all that our area has to offer. Instead of just hearing it from us, we thought it was time that you heard from one of our soon-to-be residents on why they decided to call The Grove home. In the first of this two-part Homebuyer Spotlight series, our soon-to-be resident explains her criteria for selecting a community and the role that location and school districts had in her decision.

Resident Spotlight, Part 1

As a homeowner, you learn the ins and outs of what you want in your next home and especially your next neighborhood. When I bought my first home I did months and months of research on the right neighborhood, home style, and school district and I can say for our second home I have done my proper due-diligence again and based on passing my strict criteria I have found our next home at The Grove. So with that, I wanted to share my “must have” list with other new home shoppers and give some insight into what made my family decide to call The Grove home.

Outside of already knowing the home style that is best suited to our active family of 4, we needed a space where our kids could play, the animals could be outside and that was close enough to an equine facility that would house our gray and black Appaloosa Sonny. We had a few specific criteria that our new community had to meet: Location, School, Amenities, and Community.


Williamson County was the first choice for us. We didn’t want to be in the hustle and bustle of Nashville but we wanted to be close enough should my husband and I want to head to the city for a night out on the town. Why Williamson County? Well, Williamson County actually offers one of the lowest county taxes in the Nashville Metro area with no state income tax and one of the top school systems in Tennessee. We found the Franklin area to be extremely charming with some wonderful food options–so we started our search for communities near this wonderful little town with a fabulous Main St.

After narrowing it down to this geographical area, I happened upon The Grove in one of my many internet searches and found that this community is located in the perfect spot especially for growth. The area is growing so rapidly with a Berry Farms town center that will include a new Publix Grocery and shops just a few miles down the road. This alone makes my investment ears perk since the area is growing so much it only makes sense to buy in this expanding area, especially for appreciation over time.


With two young children, school is obviously important. Once I decided on the ideal location this is the most important criteria for us, which is the final determinant of the desired location. The great thing is that the Williamson County School District is ranked 10 in overall school ratings by When looking deeper, my research uncovered that College Grove Elementary School, Fred J Page Middle School and High School which are all within 5 miles of The Grove, are all rated 10 by College Grove Elementary has a 5-star rating from and is ranked 27th out of 853 Tennessee Elementary schools this school system has been called the hidden gem of Williamson County.

Stay Tuned

In the second part of this series, I will continue my discussion on the Grove’s amenities, lifestyle and overall thoughts on the community. Stay tuned for more!