State of the Grove

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A few words from Mark Enderle, our developer:

The long road of delivering promises is about to be fulfilled with the completion of the Clubhouse. When my partners and I stood at the entry back in 2011 and their first response was “this is worse than I thought it was”, they probably never dreamed we could be where we are today.

It was all in the plan, but planning for all the twists and turns is never easy. There are many blessings that brought us to this point. A great community to live in, Williamson County and Nashville are incomparable. A beautiful piece of land to work with and a group of professionals that make what the minds eye see actually come to life. “People make the party.” The initial group of Founders embraced the vision and made The Grove part of their future. Finally, the people that continue to come through our gates to breath life into the community.

Everyone here is excited to finally be in the Manor House. Styled after the great southern Manor Homes of a different age, our vision is for everyone to walk in and feel like they have come home.   Cindy has done a great job of turning this 30,000 plus square foot building into a something that is warm and cozy. The antiques furniture, imported rugs, classic colors all work together to make this a unique place in the world of clubhouses.

Enough reminiscing, the future for the Grove looks bright. We have just started closing our fourth phase and will begin construction on the fifth in the next 60 days. A new Cottage product is being brought to The Grove by Ford Custom Classic Homes to meet the demand from people who want a home that is easy to care for and not so big that there is wasted space. As we move into the new sections, there will be new ideas for improving life at the Grove and we look forward to embracing these and continuing to build the Grove Legacy.

All the Best,