Resident Spotlight: Kippy and Deon Brown

We recently sat down with the former coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Kippy Brown, and his wife, Deon, to talk about their decision to make The Grove their home. 

The Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame recognized Kippy Brown’s success as a collegiate football player and NFL coach in April of 2019.  He coached NFL teams, such as the New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers, and Seattle Seahawks. Brown experienced his greatest success when he coached the Seattle Seahawks to victory in Super Bowl XLVIII in 2013, with a score of 43-8 over the Denver Broncos. 

The Grove could not be more proud to have such a high-caliber player, coach, and family man as a part of our community. 

Where did you move from, and how did you end up at The Grove?

My wife and I, Deon, moved from Seattle, Washington. I’m a former NFL coach and decided to retire after the Super Bowl this past year, so, we started looking for places to retire. We finally decided on Tennessee, the Nashville area in particular, because my wife is from Memphis, and I’m from Sweetwater, TN. My hometown is just south of Knoxville, so, this put us right between both of our homes, and Nashville is such a terrific place to live.

How did you hear about The Grove?

The way we found The Grove was a stroke of luck; the home we thought we bought fell through, so we started looking around. My friend had brought me out here a year ago, before I decided to retire, and I said to my wife that maybe we need to come out here and look around. So we came back and started looking and talking to the people here and they were so nice and informative. We got the feeling that they really wanted us here, and once we found the house that we both liked, the rest was history.

When you and your wife first visited The Grove, what made the biggest impression on you?

The big thing was just to find a house that my wife really liked in a golf course community. From the very first moment we just felt at home.

What was it about your new home that made you and your wife think, this is it?

We were looking for a new, finished home. We didn’t want to go through the building process. We toured this home and it was complete, with the exception of the media room. It was tastefully furnished so we could get an idea of what it would look like with our furniture. We really liked the lot, we loved where it was located, we revelled in the fact that they would never build behind us, and that the horses were in front of us. It’s been everything that we hoped it would be—and more. 

What is your favorite room in the house, Kippy?

My favorite room is probably the screened-in porch; it has a TV where I can watch golf and out onto the first hole at the same time. I enjoy the nice breeze, it’s just really comfortable, and I can even smoke a cigar if I want to!

So how often do you play golf?

If I could, I would play everyday. I play every chance I get, and my wife plays too. Deon’s a good player, people don’t realize how good she is and how good she could really be if she played more!

What do you do besides play golf at The Grove?

 We go to the equestrian center often, it’s really an unbelievable facility. I’ve had experience with riding horses but my wife did not, but she’s really taken to riding. When our grand kids visit we take them as well, they love it there.

What do your kids and grandkids think of your new home?

Well, my son actually beat me here, I was still working the draft in Seattle and he was out two days before I got here. So he actually played the golf course before I did. Our kids and grandkids live in Ohio, but they visit quite often. They love everything about it, they love the golf course and the pool— pretty much everything about The Grove they love.

What is your typical day at The Grove, when golf is not the forefront?

The workout facility is top notch, some days my wife and I workout together then go to the pool. I’m retired I can do whatever I want to, and everyday that the weather permits I am out in the golf course, either practicing or playing with the other members.

Did you attend the recent grand opening of the Manor House?

Yes, we were able to attend the grand opening of the Manor House. They were very tight-lipped about what the club was going to be like. We had heard that it was going to be really nice, but it blew me away. I couldn’t believe the dining area, or the patio overlooking the range, the beautiful landscape, the workout facility, and just how much effort went into making that place top notch. I’ve been in a lot of golf clubhouses, but this takes the cake. It is so comfortable and the people have done a great job hiring the staff too. The atmosphere and the way they treat you is really special. I enjoy bringing guests here because they always leave with a great experience, and the food is outstanding too!

Has The Grove been everything you’ve hoped it would be?

For me there were a couple of musts that we had to have. As you could probably guess, one was a first rate golf course, but also, the development must be top notch. And at The Grove there are different kinds of architecture, all gorgeous, and they do a great job of landscaping. Everything is top notch, and the golf course is as good as I’ve ever played. We feel like we’ve maxed out here!

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