Resident Spotlight: Mike and Kathy Feagley


Hailing from Chicago, Mike and Kathy became very familiar with Tennessee while visiting family in Franklin several times a year for the past 5 years. They loved the area, friendly people and lifestyle Tennessee offered. When it came time to retire, they knew where to start looking. During one fortuitous family visit, Kathy and Mike attended the 2014 Festival of Homes at The Grove. That was pretty much all it took.

“We were looking forward to building a home. The Grove community was well thought out and well designed. The amenities and close proximity to Nashville and Franklin were a major selling feature, as was the large homesite that backs up to a nature preserve—we have two dogs, it is perfect,“ states Kathy.

Mike stated the thoughtful land plan and high-quality construction made the difference for him. “The commitment to quality was a huge factor—like no street lights so you can see the stars in the night sky. Their insistence on maintaining high standards in construction and design of homes, even in the design of the roads. It is all very well done. It is marvelous to live in such a place.”

Having only been in their home a few months, we wondered how they spent their days and what they have grown to love most about The Grove. Kathy replied that, “Everyday I get up and take our dogs, Josie and Willow, on a long walk. Just being outside in the nice weather is great. As for what we have grown to love, we love going to the General Store to get fresh produce from The Grove’s own farm, any basics, and ice cream during the summer!

We are very happy with the decisions we made from the very beginning of the project. People in Tennessee are so friendly and nice, as is everyone here at The Grove, it’s just wonderful. And we are happy to be south of the Mason-Dixon line!”