Meet Your Neighbors: Bill and Linda Orellana

Linda and Bill Orellana moved from Brentwood to The Grove in May 2014, making them near the top of the tenured list of residents. In fact, their home was the very first house on Native Pony Trail. They have a superb view from their back porch of the first hole on the golf course and the Manor House and the pleasure of watching the horses at their watering trough almost in the front yard. While they have lived in middle Tennessee more than 25 years, their journey here has taken them almost around the world.

Linda grew up in an Air Force family. Born in Texas, she has lived many places in the States and attended Junior High School in Germany. Bill grew up in Ohio and then joined the Air Force to see the world. While learning to become an AF pilot, he met Linda at a party in Del Rio, TX – picked her up at the Laughlin AFB Officer’s Club – you’ll have to ask him about that story. For both of them it seems it was love at first sight. They married in March 1970 after knowing each other barely four months.

The Air Force took them far and wide. Moving fourteen times included eight states and spending two years in Taiwan. Linda packed up 7-month-old Kristi and traveled halfway around the world alone for that move. After retiring as the Base Commander of Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH, their favorite assignment, particularly because of the special opportunities that came their way during those five years, they relocated to Nashville to pursue a second career.

And that second round has included three more mini-careers for Bill, in the business world and with State government. For Linda, the Airforce was really a career as well, and she has continued here in Nashville with volunteer work and charitable club leadership.

Through it all, they are most proud of the two outstanding daughters who were molded in the loving household that continually moved. Both attended Auburn University – Linda wears her AU attire on every football weekend. Kristi’s family lives in Virginia Beach and Karee’s in Fairview Heights, IL. Two grandsons are college students in Virginia – too far away as far as grandparents are concerned.

Linda and Bill enjoy travel and exploring new places. For 10 years they flew their small single-engine plane around the eastern US. And in the last couple years, they have taken far-reaching cruises that visited Southeast Asia and China and also the Mediterranean to include Rome, Athens and Barcelona.

The really big event for the couple took place in March 2020, a very special 50th Anniversary party held at the Manor House. How has 50 years of marriage gone? Linda and Bill report it has flown by and it has been wonderful. They attribute their happiness to sharing a solid sense of humor, always being supportive, and making each other laugh.

Drawn to The Grove by golf (Bill) they have been thrilled to see the development of community. While 2020 has made it more difficult, the Orellanas hope for the future is for the continued expansion of that community atmosphere. And for themselves, continued good health and loving partnership.