Resident Spotlight: Sarah Brackin


Since the age of 12, tennis has been more than just a sport to Sarah—it’s a way of life. Sarah travels all over the South (2-3 weekends a month) competing in USTA Junior tournaments which will conclude in Hawaii this month at the National Tournament. In addition to playing on her high school team, Sarah was chosen to play in the Southern Cup this year. Only the top 3 boys and girls from each age group (14, 16, 18) are chosen by the state to compete against 9 other states. Tennessee came in 2nd in their flight this year.

Q: What is your favorite part of playing Tennis?

A: Matches are my favorite part of playing tennis. The feeling I get knowing that I played my best is most important, winning is another plus!

Q: What would you recommend for younger players who want to step up their game?

A: I would recommend that they keep up the hard work, invest in lessons and do the Junior Tournaments.

Q: How has living at The Grove impacted your game? Do you use the courts for practice or get lessons?

A: Being a member at The Grove has helped improve my game. I get to use the courts for practice matches as well as hitting with my coach, Kristen Schlukebir. I am able to do my on-court workouts every day at The Grove and I strength train at the gym 2 days a week. Since I have started hitting at The Grove, and working out, I have had great results in my game. The courts at The Grove are some of the nicest courts I have played on!

Q: Besides tennis, what other things do you enjoy doing at The Grove?

A: I love to swim at the pool. Also, the food is great! Our house is still under construction so after Kristen and I have our practice at The Grove, I like going to the Manor House’s Ladies lounge to eat lunch and do my school work until I have to go practice at school.